Conventional, flatblade and hybrid Blades

Product Information

Conventional standard and premium blades

The Lucas conventional blade for windshield wipers provides a direct replacement for the original wiper blade fitted at point of manufacture. The wiper blade incorporates a high content of natural rubber combined with a synthetic additive to prolong lifespan. The range includes standard and premium windscreen wiper blades to meet every budget.

Lucas conventional standard wiper blades are the clear choice for both drivers and fitters, delivering renowned Lucas quality and performance at economical prices.

Available in a range of sizes from 12” – 24” to cover over 80% of the UK and European vehicle parc. Lucas Premium conventional wiper blades are manufactured to TUV approved standards, offering high performance and durability.

Available in a range of sizes from 10” – 28” for outstanding coverage of over 95% of the UK vehicle parc.

These windscreen wiper blades offer high quality, no compromise design and are manufactured with metal construction, a riveted bridge and a high quality 8mm rubber for trusted reliability. They are available with spoiler, wash/wipe kits, super tension curved blades and specific adaptors B and F5 to ensure maximum vehicle coverage.

Clearvision DirectFit

The Lucas Clearvision DirectFit wiper blade range has been introduced to deliver a premium quality blade that performs as well for your business as it does on the vehicle.

Lucas Clearvision DirectFit wiper blades are available in sizes from 13” – 28″. They feature flat blade wiper technology with a modern, aerodynamic design and centre spoiler for improved performance. DirectFit wiper blades are also application specific and easy to fit.

Application specific fitting instructions are included on every box. Video fitting guides are also available by scanning the QR code on the box.

Lucas Clearvision DirectFit offers performance and style. Featuring an aerodynamic centre spoiler to create down force enables these wiper blades to retain performance at higher speed. DirectFit blades are also graphite coated for smoother, quieter performance.

The range of 74 part numbers covers over 90% of vehicles fitted with flat wiper blades, including new Volkswagen and Audi models.

New colour coded packaging enables easy identification and stocking so you can find the wiper blade you need quicker than ever.

MultiFit Flat Blades

One blade, multiple applications.

The ClearVision MultiFit range features the same premium quality and performance as the DirectFit range but with a clever interchangeable adaptor system inside every box. This allows for the same outstanding vehicle coverage from fewer wiper blade part numbers and a smaller range of stock. Both deliver an ideal aftermarket wiper blade replacement or upgrade.

Clearvision Hybrid wiper blades

One of the latest technological advancements to be introduced to the market is the hybrid wiper blade. This technology combines the aerodynamic performance of a flat wiper blade, with the wiping performance of a traditional conventional blade, resulting in a stylish looking blade that reduces wind lift at high speed whilst still providing an even load distribution across the windscreen. Available in a range of sizes from 16” – 28″

Rear wiper blades

A comprehensive range of rear wiper blades incorporating the same flat/beam technology that has changed the design of front wiper blades in recent years. Reflecting these changes in the aftermarket, the Lucas rear wiper blade range has grown to include a host of new flat wiper blade part numbers covering a further 1.5 million vehicles on the road and increasing the total coverage to over 15 million vehicles.

Commercial blades

For heavy duty performance, Lucas offers 23 commercial wiper blades from sizes 16” to 40”. Each of these wiper blades is manufactured to the highest standard expected of the world-renowned Lucas brand. Both hook and saddle type fitments are available with a range of multi-use adaptors.

To see charts of all sizes and applications, download our brochure.