Automotive batteries

Product Information

Battery Power for all applications from a UK brand you can trust. With up to 19.2% CCA improvements, the new Lucas Automotive Battery range offers premium performance in a car battery, a motorcycle battery and beyond.

Premium Performance Lucas Classic and Premium automotive batteries are maintenance free with enhanced starting power and calcium technology, all of which enables them to carry on working, even under the toughest conditions. With 99% of the vehicle parc covered by these market leading ranges, you can truly trust Lucas.

Premium power

Lucas batteries are built to the very highest specification to meet the demands of today’s world. Modern vehicles require premium performance from a car battery or motorcycle battery in order to fulfil the electrical requirements of their increasingly sophisticated technological features.

Cars are fundamentally changing with Start-Stop, and similar features. There has been a significant growth in the OEM market that includes these technologies over the last decade and it’s predicted that in 2020 only 8% of OEM battery fitments will be traditional SLI (starting, lighting, and ignition) batteries.

Reports suggest that by 2020 the EFB & AGM replacement market is anticipated to be 1 million batteries. The Lucas Fusion AGM & EFB battery ranges feature even higher cyclic stability and recharge more quickly than conventional lead-acid batteries. These characteristics are essential, especially when it comes to advanced systems that employ regenerative braking and other fuel-saving technologies.

Lucas batteries are Future Ready.

Range Lucas Automotive batteries are built to OE specifications and are fully guaranteed. The Lucas Premium CV Heavy Duty range of commercial batteries provide reliability under the toughest working conditions. Lucas is a tried and tested brand and our calcium technology batteries will perform to your every expectation.

The range of automotive batteries consists of:

  • Classic
  • Premium
  • Supreme
  • Fusion
  • Premium CV


Good starting performance
Portable and easy to install
Carry handle
3-year warranty


High quality assured
Maintenance free battery
4-year warranty
Advanced starting power
Calcium Technology
Meets OE specifications


Advanced performance
5-year warranty
Sealed - maintenance free
30% more starting power
Calcium Technology
Exceeds OE specifications


Up to 50% more starting power
4-year warranty
Cycling capability
Sealed - maintenance free
Spill proof to 180°
AGM technology
Non hazardous

Premium CV

99% coverage of commercial vehicle parc
Enhanced CCA, power and durability
Long storage life
Fast recharge capability

Motorsport and motorcycle

Lucas has a massive motorcycle battery range to cover a similarly huge range of motorsport and motorcycle applications. When performance counts the range of Lucas motorsport batteries brings together a winning combination of cutting edge technology, robust design and precision engineering for motorcycle and off-road applications. The built-in qualities of exceptional starting power – up to 30% more than a traditional motorbike battery – and the high resilience to deep, repeated discharge make this range of batteries the power source of choice.

As with every other Lucas battery, you can expect top performance under the most gruelling track or road conditions.

  • Robust design, making a Lucas motorcycle battery vibration and shock proof
  • Long-life built into every motorbike battery
  • Gel and AGM can be mounted at up to 90º tilt

Other applications

From a marine battery to a caravan battery, Lucas also supplies a wide range of batteries for other agricultural, industrial and leisure applications. To see them, click here.

Lucas Batteries are available globally, although not all types may be available in certain countries. Use the enquiry form if you are interested in Lucas Batteries anywhere in the world.