Wiper blades

Product Information

Lucas wiper blades are the clear choice. Our programme offers a comprehensive range of quality blades for windscreen wipers designed to serve the diverse requirements of the modern automotive aftermarket.

Conventional style car wiper blades, modern flat blades and new hybrid style blades are all available in the trusted Lucas range for windscreen wipers. The technology behind Lucas windscreen wiper blades has developed continuously to adapt to the changing styles of modern vehicles. Curvature of windscreens and aerodynamic designs have had a direct effect on the design of Lucas wiper blades.

The Lucas wiper blade range gives the customer an opportunity to sell to all levels of the wiper blade replacement marketplace. With premium and standard conventional blades plus Clearvision DirectFit and MultiFit blades, every price point can be catered for. Whatever the application, Lucas can offer a wiper blade replacement solution that meets both customer requirements and budget.