Clutch kits

Product Information

Customers all over the world choose Lucas because we go on innovating, giving you the solutions that keep you equipped for the future. Our clutches offer reliable performance and great coverage across a range of 2, 3 and 4-parts kits. We also have a full range of Concentric Slave Cylinders.

• Our clutch replacement kits cover 88% of the European car parc
• 325 references, with a range of 2, 3 and 4-part clutch kits
• Some of the friction parts in our kits are stamped LUK
• Our clutch replacement kits always offer reliable performance
• We also have a full range of concentric slave cylinders

All clutch components are susceptible to wear, depending on the driving style and habits of the driver, but Lucas clutch replacement kits are extremely durable assemblies and offer superb service life.

Concentric slave cylinders

We have a full range of newly introduced concentric slave cylinders.

The concentric slave cylinder (CSC) brings together the axle guide and the receiver cylinder in one set. The hydraulic system offers significant advantages compared to mechanical systems: starting vibrations are avoided by reducing the number of components, resulting in enhanced driving comfort.