A/C Compressors

Product Information

Many decades of experience in remanufacturing compressors has given Lucas the broadest range of remanufactured car air conditioning compressors on the market for almost any car or vehicle, with 900 unique references and more than 8,600 applications.

Our reconditioned air conditioning compressors for cars are ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certified and remanufactured using the latest methods and equipment for exceptionally high part quality and superb finish. We clean, examine and test every AC compressor component and replace every part that doesn’t meet our standards. Then we run a comprehensive electrical and mechanical test, checking for gas or oil leakage. Then we test every AC compressor function again, step by step. That’s how we protect our reputation. And yours.

We plan our car air conditioner compressor production to ensure a constantly high level of order implementation. All orders are produced individually, so that you do not have to wait for the “right production series”. In collaboration with our customers, we tailor logistic solutions that suit the market needs for warehousing, frequency and returning car AC compressor systems. Buy with confidence. Here’s why.

The environmental advantage of aircon compressor reconditioning

Buying reconditioned air conditioning compressors for cars instead of new ones reduces energy consumption and emissions of harmful gases. A remanufactured car aircon compressor also reduces the amount of scrapped iron in landfill sites. Since we do not compromise on quality or performance, this is both good business and in line with the highest standards of responsible business practice.

Providing the best customer experience in reconditioned air conditioning compressors for cars

Lucas offers a Pan-European availability of a broad program of applications for air con compressor reconditioning.. Our long experience means that our quality and service is second to none. We understand your business and so can help you with excellent in services and tools throughout the complete distribution channel.

The Lucas offer includes:

  • Best core return concept for car air conditioning compressor repair
  • Environmental care – in actions and products. Remanufacturing AC compressors massively reduces the amount of CO2 emitted compared with making new parts.
  • Competitive price and profitability in the complete distribution channel.
  • 2 year warranty, subject to correct installation
  • A service provided by professional, competent and responsible people, interdependent and transparent in their relationships, striving for continuous improvement.

Value-based management throughout our operations

We believe in value-based management. Lucas' organisational structure enables us to act independently and make proactive decisions. This way of working determines the way we run our business, and all steps we take to achieve our strategic goals are based on these values.


We employ passionate people with personal and professional integrity, reliable and trustworthy, proud of, and always ready to account for, their own actions. We strive to meet customer expectations, using resources wisely.


Competence drives our business goals and makes us achieve team success. Profound knowledge, innovation, imagination, personal development and understanding of “the human factor” are all tools within this process.


Understanding interdependency creates unlimited organisational power. Teamwork within a dynamic and agile organisational framework allows for a self-managed effort, where diverse skills and abilities are used for common success.


Access to relevant information is vital for common success. Information should be easy accessible, simple and easy to understand. Unclear or ambiguous information leads to wrong decisions, waste and confusion.

Continuous improvements

The idea of improving the organisation’s capabilities by way of systematic continuous improvement is at the heart of our success. This process and approach involves everybody, regardless of status and function.

Warranty and reliability

The warranty is vailed for 24 months on the condition that installation and connections are completed correctly and that the item has not been dismantled or used in anyway not intended for the product in question.

Lucas will not honor claim for operational loss, loss of profit or time, or other indirect consequential economic losses. 

Please note before instalation

For correct compressor functionality, and for the warranty to remain in force, ensure that the items specified will be performed prior to putting into operation:

  1. Check that the system is not contaminated, and flush if necessary. If the system is contaminated, it is recommended to change the condenser.
  2. Check that the suspension, pulley, plugs, and other connections match the old compressor.
  3. If the system is not flushed, the amount of oil in the old compressor has to be determined. The oil in the new compressor has to be adjusted to the same amount as oil is remaining in the system. The total amount of oil has to meet the vehicle specification.
  4. Check that the volume of oil filled in the compressor meets the vehicle specifications. Top up if necessary.
  5. Rotate the compressor shaft min. 10 times before mounting, if possible (depending on compressor type). Do not use the nut on the shaft to rotate the compressor using a key. This may damage the coupling.
  6. Always replace the receiver/drier and expansion valve / orifice tube.
  7. Meet car manufacturer’s specifications for R134a filling volume. The system mode of operation will NOT be improved by increasing the filling volume.

Exchange Conditions

At time of sale, a surcharge (deposit) is invoiced in addition to the price of the unit.

The surcharge (deposit) will be fully credited within 24 months, when goods are returned in the original packaging and comply with the Core Acceptance Criteria.

Cores returned to Lucas, which are not corresponding to items bought from Lucas, will be kept registered for 5 years.  


1-GR 1-groove V-belt
1 pin active Plug with room for more terminals, but only 1 is installed
4 x double fixation 4 fixations on the front- and 4 on the rear-bracket
Dist. from 1-gr to fixation Distance from the 1 groove to the backside of the front fixation
PV6 Poly-V belt, 6 grooves
Round-end plug “D”-shaped plug, 2 edges and a round side
3-point fixation 3-point fixation
Sideway installation Mounting bolts perpendicular to the compressor
Square plug Square plug
Threaded connections The cooling tubes are mounted using a hose connector
Ø119 mm Pulley diameter (mm)